Big Rapids Chess

Our goal is to promote chess in the Big Rapids area by creating a safe environment where members, regardless of experience or identity, can meet to learn about and play chess on a regular basis.

Chess Ladder

One important part of our chess meetings is a chance to play competitive face-to-face games with each other. To add a little more interest, we have an ongoing chess ladder competition. The rules governing this activity are detailed below.

The rules

Rule 1: A lower number is a higher rank on the ladder, (better position). The goal of the competition is to move up the ladder, potentially to the number one position.

Rule 2: A player, the challenger, may challenge another player with a higher rank, the defender, to play.

Rule 3: The difference between the defender and challenger ranks must be no more than 4.
For example: rank #5 can challenge #1, but #6 can only challenge up to #2)

Rule 4: All challenges must be accepted unless the defender has already accepted a different challenge or are currently playing a game, or there is less than 20 minutes left to play in the session.

Rule 5: Refusing a valid challenge is counted as a loss for the defender.

Rule 6: Two players may not challenge each other in two consecutive games.

Rule 7: Players that are absent for two consecutive sessions lose one position on the ladder.

Rule 8: In a ladder challenge game, the defender always plays with the black pieces.

Rule 9: If the defender wins the challenge game, there is no change in player positions.

Rule 10: If the players draw (tie) the challenge game, the challenger moves up to the spot just below the defender.
For example, if #7 challenges #3 and draws, #3 stays at #3 and #7 moves up to #4. Positions 4, 5, and 6 would be bumped down in the process.

Rule 11: All draws must be approved by the Ladder Game Supervisor.

Rule 12: If the challenger wins, they take the defender’s position on the ladder. The defender, and those below them, are bumped down one position on the ladder.
For example, if #7 challenges #3 and wins, #3 is bumped to #4 and #7 becomes the new #3. Positions 4, 5, and 6 would be bumped down in the process.

Rule 13: When a game is finished, the players must turn in a Ladder Challenge card to the Ladder Game Supervisor.

Rule 14: New members are added to the bottom of the ladder.

Rule 15: All disagreements and questions will be resolved by the Challenge Game Supervisor.