Big Rapids Chess

Our goal is to promote chess in the Big Rapids area by creating a safe environment where members, regardless of experience or identity, can meet to learn about and play chess on a regular basis.

Chess Ladder

This is the initial ladder of active club players following our first meeting at the library on October 24, 2019. We will keep track of the games played during club meetings here and update the scores on a weekly basis. We will not meet for a couple of weeks, though, due to scheduling conflicts at the library. See you at the next session.

Current players

You can click on the table headings to sort the table information by column. An greater part of our meetings is involved in playing against each other for position on our player ladder. We have created a resource document that explains how our chess ladder operates. There is also an online copy of the rules as well. A club Elo rating is also calculated and posted for each active player. An explanation of how players scores are calculated is also available.

Player Name Games Played Club Rating Ladder Position
Aaron W5 / D0 / L5 1189 2
Carter W2 / D0 / L3 1180 4
Clifton W5 / D0 / L1 1257 1
Mike W2 / D0 / L4 1218 3
Saloni W0 / D0 / L2 1168 6
Saumya W1 / D0 / L1 1200 5
Ekta W0 / D0 / L0 1200 7
Daniel W0 / D0 / L0 1200 8