Big Rapids Chess

Our goal is to promote chess in the Big Rapids area by creating a safe environment where members, regardless of experience or identity, can meet to learn about and play chess on a regular basis.

Playing Online

Sometimes it is difficult to find someone to play chess face-to-face. Here are some online resources for playing and learning about chess when you cannot get to our club to play face-to-face. is a great place to play online. There are over 3,000,000 members and thousands of games every day. You can create an account for free. However, you will have access to more resources is you pay to join. This site also includes puzzles to solve and articles to read, and lessons that you can take. We have a club page, Big Rapids Chess, on the site as well. is a subsidiary of This site is dedicated to being a safe place for kids to learn and play chess. Junior members (and their parents) can set up free account here too. There are safeguards on this site to shield younger players from some of the more “free-spirited” players that you might encounter otherwise. We also have a club page for our junior members on ChessKid. is another great place to play online. You can set up an account for free here too. Although it has fewer players and games played than, it is very popular online. There is a Big Rapids Chess team page available here too. is one of the best places to learn about chess online. This site provides interactive chess instruction books (some for free and others for purchase). You can create a free account to begin. The books walk you through various tactics, puzzles, endgames, or openings. You can read and then practice what you have learned right in the book. This site is highly recommended. is our final recommendation. This site is primarily focused on developing tactical vision. Tactics are a very, very important aspect of most beginnining chess players’ play. Again, you can set up a free account here and practice solving tactical problems online.